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Project Upwey

Project Upwey
Local Community Group

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Join the conversation! Our community needs you to get involved and have your say. A community plan is being developed for Upwey, so the whole Upwey community is being invited to get involved. Come along to the Sherbrooke Family and Children’s Centre/ Upwey community Hall, 1443 Burwood Highway, Upwey on Monday 19 May from 6:30pm – 9:00pm (7:00pm start after a light supper) for an all-inclusive community conversation and workshop about Upwey. We need you to tell us:

  • What you like about Upwey and what you would like to retain?
  • What you would like to see Upwey regain?
  • What you don’t like about Upwey or what you would like to change?
  • What do you imagine or hope for our community in the future?
  • What would you like to see developed or created in the future?

If you care about the future direction of our community and want to have a say in how Upwey will be shaped or changed in the future you should attend. Registrations for this FREE community event are essential for catering purposes. To register email projectupwey@outlook.com

The Project Upwey plan is being developed by the community of Upwey, for the community of Upwey. The aims of the plan go beyond infrastructure improvements, and can be summarised as follows.

  • To unite the residents and business people of Upwey
  • To promote the wide variety of clubs, groups and organizations
  • To enhance connectivity between those groups, and to provide reciprocal benefits and support
  • To engage, develop, encourage and help our young people
  • To demonstrate the advantages of working collectively
  • To empower & support sub-groups who take on projects which benefit Upwey
  • To facilitate sources of funding
  • To improve the physical appearance of our township and its surroundings
  • To enrich the lives of our residents and to energize our businesses
  • To uplift the vibrancy, ambience and pride in our town
  • To enjoy and positively embrace the challenge

Project Upwey aims to harness the collective assets and strengths of our township, to consolidate our ideas, to prioritise by urgency and importance, and to provide resources and connections to enable action. Project Upwey is a new group, with an experienced and motivated steering committee, which will develop a whole-of-community plan. Spread the word to your family and friends. ‘Like’ us on Facebook.